Thursday, August 09, 2007

within the fence (part 2)

I haven't much to say. Well, I think I've never had anything interesting to say actually. Telling people my mood is on the downside is definitely not one. Today's not the best of those days.

Maybe I should continue sharing what other features that constitute my in-law's compound, just so to give this post a little more depth. I'd like to think too, that one day should I share stories of me living in this house to my future child(ren), I'll have photos to proof their legitimacy.

Two very important features outside the house:

Underground Storage Well

It's where a truckload of water fills up once every 3-4 days depending on our usage. I'd say that's #ell lot of precious water we use. We blame that on the *unseen* underground pipes which are *suspected* to have cracks and water were lost whenever we on the pump to direct water flow to the taps at home.

Rubbish Burn Area

Built almost a year ago to burn our rubbish. In this kampung, every household does that. I'm not so supportive of that but life has to go on, things beyond reusing have to be thrown. We made a point not to dispose our not too often used up batteries here. The cat seeking shelter under the neighbor's fruit tree, is one of those which like to chill around that area and scavenge for food before and after every burning session.

A quick brooch I made for myself. I imagine it to be a talisman for peaceful days ahead. (Weird episodes lately and gosh, the earthquake this morning...) The brooch is made of scrap fabric, felt, crystal bead, thread, suede string and my favourite bird kuti-kuti.

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  1. i find the idea of living on a compound very interesting. Not many people living in the US or NZ, AU, have ever experienced that. I have visited places so I have experienced it a little bit but found it strange (though I understand necessary) to have huge walls up around the house(s). And everything being so contained. Are you used to this or is it new when moving to indo?

    cute broach:)



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