Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where's the library?

I haven't make a bag in a long while. Something simple like bookbags I hope would help me get my internal crafting engine moving again as I've been feeling the lethargy overall. Withdrawing from coffee is a highly suspected reason. Even Brian could pin point the cause exactly and he's been nagging me not to go cold turkey altogether but I'm a ruthless person - person and if I've to do this to myself, I will.

Okay, maybe I'll go for that cup this Sunday?, as a reward. Ha! Counting down the days...

The bookbags are big enough to hold a good lot of volumes. The materials used are the last of my natural linen, I think, it's one that quite resembles gunnysack only not that rough, floral cottons and thread. There is a small lined pocket for each bag.


  1. ruthless, ha! I like it, quitting cold turkey is something I admire.

    I like the combo of gentle florals with the more rough and natural linen, nice bags.

    maybe I should make some bage to get my craft mojo running again?
    I think I have to start cutting back on the internet but oh how i would hate to give that up right now :)


  2. those bags are gorgeous! practical and pretty.

    i admire your coffee-abstainance... i should probably do that too, but i think of it as my 'one' luxury... hmm.

  3. What beautiful bags. Indeed perfect for the library :)

  4. I love the linen and the inside green floral. Gorgous green floral. Apparently apples are a good wake up call in the morning instead of coffee, at least thats what libra strips say! flowertreehouse


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