Friday, August 31, 2007

week? okay, just today.

## I apologize if my previous post had caused some to worry. I received the most wonderful care-mails and even a surprise long distance phone call after and I had assured and if I haven't done so, want you to rest assured that everyone in the family here is healthy and living in harmony. (wink) ##

Now, this post is about....

There isn't much to summarize for the week when one doesn't leave home for 5 whole days. So just


Having the teacher come in for lesson on Bahasa Indonesia.

and looking into the "PIF" parcel which arrived for me yesterday from Kwoozy in Australia.

I received a lovely patchwork purse which I'll definitely have a use for, pretty fabric cut outs to make a kwoozy pear(!) and a cute bird keychain which I promptly attached to the strap of my camera after taking the above shot.

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  1. Fiona, thanks for letting me know. glad to know you have receive!


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