Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Made a new discovery:


Honestly I'm not too much of a cat lover. But Komaneko is trying to change me. I'm sure my friends with cats are going to love him, if they haven't know about him already.

I just have to attach and share the 2 animation below, many thanks and rights to YouTube and their respective contributors.

Isn't Komaneko's crafting and photo-taking process sweet?

and my heart went jelly for him below.....


  1. oh wow, this is so tender and sweet! thanks for sharing. I am off the you tube to see if I can find out how the story ends!


  2. Hi Fiona, I am a newy to your blog and reackon Ill be a regular, you sound rad, and I feel particularly interested becoz I just came back to Aust from Shanghai after 9 months of living there. I have a blog called acrosstheseas, and an art blog that will get better called flowertreehouse. Feel free to check them out. Cheers Megan

  3. PS Your owl purse is a goer! Its awesome keep it up.


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