Saturday, August 04, 2007

escape the walls!

3 owl zip purses made of a combination of fabric & felt, lining of red fabric, zip
and vintage buttons.

Owls again and I think I beginning to bore. I need to get out more often and give my idea of a personal photo project (something about taking photos of children on the streets in Palembang) some deep thoughts.

Here's a present from Brian. It's a vintage Avon piece. My first brooch. One day I'm going to get a wooden 'treasure box' and the brooch will definitely be inside, on its days off. There's something about costume jewelry brooch that creates images in my mind of mature women in suits and A-line skirts and then there'll be shiny brooches on the lapels.

I promise no more owl related posts for the next few and more photos of the outdoors.


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