Thursday, August 23, 2007



you wouldn't want to know the number of times I changed my first sentence and the thing is, the news I'm going to break is, I won't be crafting, for a long time to come. Ha, gothca! What were you thinking? This is hard for me, most definitely but there are other areas that require my attention now and for some-long-time ahead. I hate to be ambiguous. Forgive me. This post has to be it for the time being.

I've been debating on how I'm going to keep this blog or not at all these past days. After all Fiona's crafting and blogging go hand in hand. There isn't much I can or rather, am capable of writing without my finished project as the main point in most blog posts.

But, I'll try. I've to keep this blog alive even if it has to be sporadically maintained. With some random thoughts, some photos, whatever helps in blogging. I decided today. Thanks to the drizzle outside.

A drizzle, in my opinion is the best form of rain anyone could get. For once, I sat the longest outside my room because the irritating mosquitoes will not hover and the breeze came in easily through the lonesome gap of the window. Very nice and

I'd company, can you tell?


  1. oh I am sad to hear that you are having a break, we will miss you!
    but I understand. I hope everything is okay.

    thanks for keeping up the blog anyway.
    I love the dog as company.


  2. Meizi, I do hope you're alright too...we'll catch when I call from Indo ya?

    Am glad you're keeping the blog too, it's one of my companions when I log on to the net :)

    Hope you make a comeback soon!


  3. i'll miss you on your break. hope everything's allright!

    hope you get some peaceful time to think and be with brian.


  4. Please keep your blog. Even if you just add a picture of a place you visited every week or so.


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