Sunday, August 12, 2007

Along Jalan Merdeka

We were at Jalan Merdeka shopping for light wood lanterns yesterday. Bought two each for a niece and a nephew and one duck wood lantern for myself. These lanterns are only available for sale when nearing Indonesia's Independence Day which is on every 17 th August.

What's interesting is the lady seller would insert the national flag on a satay stick into a boiled red egg and put it on the lantern. My grandma and mum used to boil these red eggs for me on my birthdays to peel and eat when I was little.

My duck's beak came off before I reached home last night and had to repair it by using a sewing needle to hold it in place this morning.


  1. funky lantern. sounds like you are surrounded in CULTURE!

    doesn't jalan jalan mean wandering around/walking freely?
    I seem to remember this

  2. What a beautiful & fascinating life you have, so much colour, it's dazzling. Greetings from Darwin, NT Australia. Love Posie


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