Friday, August 31, 2007

week? okay, just today.

## I apologize if my previous post had caused some to worry. I received the most wonderful care-mails and even a surprise long distance phone call after and I had assured and if I haven't done so, want you to rest assured that everyone in the family here is healthy and living in harmony. (wink) ##

Now, this post is about....

There isn't much to summarize for the week when one doesn't leave home for 5 whole days. So just


Having the teacher come in for lesson on Bahasa Indonesia.

and looking into the "PIF" parcel which arrived for me yesterday from Kwoozy in Australia.

I received a lovely patchwork purse which I'll definitely have a use for, pretty fabric cut outs to make a kwoozy pear(!) and a cute bird keychain which I promptly attached to the strap of my camera after taking the above shot.

Thursday, August 23, 2007



you wouldn't want to know the number of times I changed my first sentence and the thing is, the news I'm going to break is, I won't be crafting, for a long time to come. Ha, gothca! What were you thinking? This is hard for me, most definitely but there are other areas that require my attention now and for some-long-time ahead. I hate to be ambiguous. Forgive me. This post has to be it for the time being.

I've been debating on how I'm going to keep this blog or not at all these past days. After all Fiona's crafting and blogging go hand in hand. There isn't much I can or rather, am capable of writing without my finished project as the main point in most blog posts.

But, I'll try. I've to keep this blog alive even if it has to be sporadically maintained. With some random thoughts, some photos, whatever helps in blogging. I decided today. Thanks to the drizzle outside.

A drizzle, in my opinion is the best form of rain anyone could get. For once, I sat the longest outside my room because the irritating mosquitoes will not hover and the breeze came in easily through the lonesome gap of the window. Very nice and

I'd company, can you tell?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where's the library?

I haven't make a bag in a long while. Something simple like bookbags I hope would help me get my internal crafting engine moving again as I've been feeling the lethargy overall. Withdrawing from coffee is a highly suspected reason. Even Brian could pin point the cause exactly and he's been nagging me not to go cold turkey altogether but I'm a ruthless person - person and if I've to do this to myself, I will.

Okay, maybe I'll go for that cup this Sunday?, as a reward. Ha! Counting down the days...

The bookbags are big enough to hold a good lot of volumes. The materials used are the last of my natural linen, I think, it's one that quite resembles gunnysack only not that rough, floral cottons and thread. There is a small lined pocket for each bag.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Along Jalan Merdeka

We were at Jalan Merdeka shopping for light wood lanterns yesterday. Bought two each for a niece and a nephew and one duck wood lantern for myself. These lanterns are only available for sale when nearing Indonesia's Independence Day which is on every 17 th August.

What's interesting is the lady seller would insert the national flag on a satay stick into a boiled red egg and put it on the lantern. My grandma and mum used to boil these red eggs for me on my birthdays to peel and eat when I was little.

My duck's beak came off before I reached home last night and had to repair it by using a sewing needle to hold it in place this morning.

Friday, August 10, 2007

'How one thing can contain everything' - p32

Brooch (lace, scrap fabric, felt, vintage trim & button, pin and thread)

Reading :
Paul Coelho :: Like the Flowing River

Listening :
Leslie Low :: Worm

Mood :
Reflective; Dreamy

Thursday, August 09, 2007

within the fence (part 2)

I haven't much to say. Well, I think I've never had anything interesting to say actually. Telling people my mood is on the downside is definitely not one. Today's not the best of those days.

Maybe I should continue sharing what other features that constitute my in-law's compound, just so to give this post a little more depth. I'd like to think too, that one day should I share stories of me living in this house to my future child(ren), I'll have photos to proof their legitimacy.

Two very important features outside the house:

Underground Storage Well

It's where a truckload of water fills up once every 3-4 days depending on our usage. I'd say that's #ell lot of precious water we use. We blame that on the *unseen* underground pipes which are *suspected* to have cracks and water were lost whenever we on the pump to direct water flow to the taps at home.

Rubbish Burn Area

Built almost a year ago to burn our rubbish. In this kampung, every household does that. I'm not so supportive of that but life has to go on, things beyond reusing have to be thrown. We made a point not to dispose our not too often used up batteries here. The cat seeking shelter under the neighbor's fruit tree, is one of those which like to chill around that area and scavenge for food before and after every burning session.

A quick brooch I made for myself. I imagine it to be a talisman for peaceful days ahead. (Weird episodes lately and gosh, the earthquake this morning...) The brooch is made of scrap fabric, felt, crystal bead, thread, suede string and my favourite bird kuti-kuti.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

within the fence

Besides rose bushes, there are jasmine plants around the compound of my in-law's place. They must have been planted many years back as the height of these plants are about a small tree's. The plants are thriving as I can't seem to remember when there's not a single jasmine flower. Jasmines are lovely to look at and I notice the scent is especially strong in the early mornings.

As much as I appreciate most types of flowers, I'm especially fond of wild ones, like the above I saw this morning! It thrills me to find them in ugly places. Once I focus on these tiny wild flowers, everything around them seem to disappear from the view. I find them to be exemplary in strength and beauty in this imperfect world.

I managed to tie up the ends of two late birthday parcels which will be hand delivered to each recipient and which explains why there are fake stamps on the envelopes instead. I saw the idea in my latest craft magazine but I'm not too sure if the "stamps" are made of paper or not. I used scrap fabrics, cut the edges and drew on the "stamps". Besides showcasing my childish drawing, I can't think of a better reason why the "stamps" were there, except.. it gives the recipients a reason to keep the envelopes I guess!

Monday, August 06, 2007

gifting week

Above pouch which I made earlier holds a new bottle of fragrance for my father-in-law. Brian and I went shopping for him yesterday. Instead of gift wrapping it, Brian suggested I make a pouch. I started out cutting the black corduroy by estimating the fragrance box size and in the end the pouch became too small for it. (smart-aleck heh..) Lucky the pouch is just right for the bottle alone. (whew..)

I'll probably be occupied with coming up with belated birthday presents this week, if I've the time. The things below belong to part of a parcel I'm putting together.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

escape the walls!

3 owl zip purses made of a combination of fabric & felt, lining of red fabric, zip
and vintage buttons.

Owls again and I think I beginning to bore. I need to get out more often and give my idea of a personal photo project (something about taking photos of children on the streets in Palembang) some deep thoughts.

Here's a present from Brian. It's a vintage Avon piece. My first brooch. One day I'm going to get a wooden 'treasure box' and the brooch will definitely be inside, on its days off. There's something about costume jewelry brooch that creates images in my mind of mature women in suits and A-line skirts and then there'll be shiny brooches on the lapels.

I promise no more owl related posts for the next few and more photos of the outdoors.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Made a new discovery:


Honestly I'm not too much of a cat lover. But Komaneko is trying to change me. I'm sure my friends with cats are going to love him, if they haven't know about him already.

I just have to attach and share the 2 animation below, many thanks and rights to YouTube and their respective contributors.

Isn't Komaneko's crafting and photo-taking process sweet?

and my heart went jelly for him below.....