Monday, July 02, 2007

wo(man)'s shirt

Recently, I was very inspired by Melissa's recycling efforts. Her blog post on making baby jackets from recycled materials was so impact-ful I feel I had to do something to balance out the awe. (I really would be buying a lot of her creations should there be a baby in the family!)
Later, I was flipping through a Cotton Friend magazine and came across these pages.

The magazine's theme is about recycling adult clothes into little girls' wear and reconstructing some into different looks for adults. The above shows how a man's long sleeve shirt can be changed into a woman's blouse or a girl's dress.

So I went through the cupboard and found a shirt of Brian's that he no longer wears and changed it into something that I can wear.

I didn't follow the instructions in the magazine. I can't understand any of its illustrations. This reconstructing of Brian's shirt involved removing of pocket and flap of collar. I used my shirt to trace out its shape and sew accordingly. The weird parts are the sleeves where I had to cut and sew top and bottom to reduce its size.

A sewing machine patch was added to the back and a heart shape applique to the base of the front because I accidentally cut the fabric when I snipped off a button where it was originally.

Hope you have a great week ahead!


  1. tat makes a very decent blouse. cheerio :)

  2. so sweet, fiona. i love the extra little touches, like the sleeves and appliques. you are clever! x


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