Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Want an owl purse?

I drew a new pattern on Brian's past issue of a Rolling Stone magazine for a zip purse earlier and I'm happy with it. It's to do with owls..

The owl zip purse is made of a combination of felt and cotton, zip, thread and vintage brown buttons. The back of the purse shows the owl's black tail as shown below.

There are three similar owl zip purses. To celebrate my new pattern and share my passion for owls, I'm going to give and send them to the first three persons who like the purse and leave a comment in this post. The lucky three will have to pay it forward by making/giving gifts for the next three.

Q: Why can't I just give without the recipient having to do the same?

A: I'd chanced upon and left my first comment on Kwoozy's blog and subsequently got picked to receive her handmade gift. :)

I know 'pay-it-forward' can sound cliche to most people especially after the movie which I haven't watch before. But I believe in having the spirit of fun in giving (within my means & Rupiah-ed allowance, of course, kekeke..) especially in this wonderful craft-blog-world from which I'd gained so much.

I'll keep this offer open for as long as I get first 3 encouraging comments in this post from my visitors. I know I won't have the need to randomly pick as I've never had that many comments from experience. Should there be no takers for say until November, I'll put the purses up in Pass it On or other charity when I return to Singapore.

P.S. If you think you're the first 3 commentors and you're someone new to me, do leave me a way (e.g. blog / e-mail) to contact you, k? Thanks!


Date: 4th August 2007

Thank you all for the lovely comments.
I'm truly thrilled that there
are people who like my owl purses. The 3 of them will be sent off as soon as they are packaged and stamped to the respective ladies:
Kimberlee (anemone)
Kate (fossage)
Megan (flower tree house)



  1. As i've been one of the lucky beneficiaries of your wonderful crafts, I wanna give others a chance at owning the zip pursue :) Saying which, the owl purse is real cute & kooky *_*

  2. hi, I thought I left a comment earlier but I guess it didn't work. I think your idea is great, and I really so love that owl purse. I linked this post today so I hope that is okay. :) I got really excited.


  3. I love your gorgeous wee owl purse. Have a look on my blog, I made a wee owl a when I first started my blogging career. I really love owls: keep up the great work my dear :)

  4. Fiona, I loove your owl purse, you,ve made it soooo well. I got really excited too. Check out my blog flowertreehouse, itll get more exciting as time goes on... If I get an owl purse Im going to give it away as a gift to my friend who loves owls. Awesome.

  5. Love the owl purse but just didn't make it in time... :(

    Have been doing lots of owl things lately myself too.

    Feel free to have a look at my owl purse here:

    Keep up the good work. :D
    Whoo whoo could resist should lovely owls!

  6. Fiona I am so chuffed to be one of the chosen. Thankyou over and over again. I will email you as soon as I can. I love the idea of Pay it forward, I totally just saw that movie a couple of weeks ago. Thankyou once again. Megan

  7. the owl purse is adorable! pay it forward is a great idea. i signed up for one earlier this week, too. will wait for my gift until i pay it forward. so keep checking!


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