Thursday, July 05, 2007

Red Cross & a siren

Shortly after we made the shift to Palembang a year ago, Brian started looking out for a vehicle which he could use for our daily transport. Then, he already had a mobile in mind. A VW kombi.

Being a vintage vehicle enthusiast, he's driven a VW Beetle and later a Land Rover Series III Pickup in previous years. As much as I like old cars and had fun traveling in our previous transports, I was never that enthusiastic. I always imagined missing out on the good air-conditioning and music from a radio in a modern car. But it seems I was so conditioned, I get giddy whenever I took rides in new cars! (chuckles)

The search ended when we heard that there was a 1971 kombi for sale in town. It was in relatively good condition and later got sold to us. We raised eyebrows whenever we traveled in it because it was/is (?) an ambulance.

It came originally in its stretchers and compartments for first aid equipments and medicinal drugs. Brian had to have them removed (but stored lovingly elsewhere) and replaced the space in the back with a restored bench originally from a spoil VW van. We often joked how people have supernatural thoughts of the ambulance. Some think it's bad luck to be driving an ambulance for daily rides. I guess we're one weird couple in this traditional town!

To show my support and really, I do love that vehicle, I made two cushion covers for the bench. They each have a red cross on it. I'm sorry I do not remember from whose blog I've seen this idea from a book being featured. There was lady blogger doing a review of the book she bought and had shown a photo of the a similar looking cushion from it. I really like the idea and put it in the back of my mind until I decided to make them. If anyone knows which craft book has a pattern for such a cushion, kindly leave a note in the comment.

My cushions are made of thread, black corduroy and red fabric given to me. There wasn't any pattern I could follow so I made the covers using two long rectangle pieces and sew it into a square cushion covers and attached tiny snap buttons for fastening. I hand appliqued the crosses and machine sew near the edges.

We'll be leaving for Jakarta tomorrow. To attend a relative's wedding on Saturday and our two good friends from Singapore will be coming over to meet us in the city as well!

Hope you have a great weekend ahead! I'm looking forward to mine...


  1. I really like the pix of the vintage vehicle and it looks in such good condition too. U know, I saw many vintage cars in Myanmar too; those old tiny cars that you'll only see in the roads of Spore back in the 60s and 70s ;P Enjoy your short trip to Jakarta!

  2. It's a VW bus! It's been a long time since I saw one of those on the streets here. My friend's mom had an orange one and when we rode in it, we all would lean forward, pretending that would make it go faster. Thanks for making me think of that, Fiona. :) And I love the pillows!

  3. Go persuing your goals in a traditional town!

  4. hello i have de same van could you send me more picturs to to compare and see like use to be


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