Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No thread, No do

I've run out of thread, even ones in basic colours. So the owl eyeglass cases will have to wait to be completed until I make a trip to the sewing supplies shop again. It will happen only this weekend and I guess I won't be blogging 'til then.

Meanwhile, two photos to share..

My new buddies for now as one of my pair of Birkenstock of 4 years is surviving on a band-aid. The above is recently bought in a sale. I hope to have my old chums repaired (for the second time) and maybe get a new pair like this on my next trip home to Singapore.

Just had lunch there.. Satay...

Will be back soon!


  1. Grrgh... Stomach growling for satay....

  2. yummy satay

    last time I ate at one of these the sky opened up and it started to down poor. rivers formed immediately spewed down the streets. there was nothing to do but smile and enjoy the spontaneity of life, and of course eat soggy satay. :)

    hope you get your birks fixed :)

  3. hello fiona, thansk for coming by my blog! anyhow, it's you lucky day/number! You are in my PIF giveaway. will you email me your mailing address please ? kwoozy at gmail dot com. thanks!

  4. Hi Fiona,
    Your birks rock. I cant see the new ones but when I was in Hong Kong I bought some purple 3 strapped ones. Hope you get yours fixed. Go funky fashion.


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