Monday, July 23, 2007

new clothes & some memories

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The weather is turning chilly. Maybe it's because of that, I've decided to make a new set of warm looking clothes for my doll. Maybe by doing so, I'll feel a bit warmer too. It was REALLY difficult making those tiny clothes. I think I've lost a few strands of hair when attaching the sleeves to the jacket alone. I wouldn't want anyone to see the underside of the jacket as well. The edges are so raw, I'll like the image of it to remain a secret between me and my doll.

If you find the fabric for the jacket familiar, that's because it's from the scraps of this shirt. The dress is made of brown felt. I remember vividly that the mother of my best friend in my early Primary School days used to help make clothes for our Barbie dolls. (You would count someone who played 'zero point' with you at the corridor and also who stayed 5 storeys above you as your best friend in those days.) I was so grateful to auntie then for it was really fun changing clothes for my dolls. Never would I imagine myself to be sewing dolls' clothes one day and to realize how challenging it is. But the satisfaction of having it done despite flaws, is immense.

I never have any of those Barbie dolls with me anymore. I ruthlessly gave them all away to my younger cousins when I was to turn into a teenager. My mother had questioned me severely about my action then. Some dolls were gifts from my dear beloved aunt. Ever since she left us, I felt the need to not see the dolls too at that point of time. I still don't have a good explanation for that until now.

The blythe doll is my only treasured one for now. I used to admire the mentioned best friend's long hair which were tied into plaids very often. As a child, I wasn't allowed to keep my hair long. Never had. My blythe doll reminds me fondly of those days when I sport that similar hairdo.


  1. hey I am back after my break from blogland. its fun to see what you have been up to.

    I think back on my childhood toys with SUCH fondness, I too wish I had kept more of them around.

    nice outfit for your doll.


  2. She looks so stylish! My sister and I gave our Barbies to our next-door neighbors, a decision I still regret 30 years later.


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