Tuesday, July 17, 2007

mush in moss

k, a quick post here. I was in the office today and decided to take a photo of the above. A pin robot pointing to my mushroom brooch made a long time back on my laptop crumpler bag in the shade of olive green and khaki. The pin fondly reminds me of my Beepbots and I like it a lot. I bought a letter set sometime back for a little more than a dollar each and the pin comes together with it. There's also another set which comes with another cool robot pin, gave it to Brian and okay, that's beside the point.

While in the loo, I thought of a haiku and after a few juvenile variations, I decided on one that best describes the little scene on my bag, although I do think it is not very far from being crappy as well.

Here goes,

In the midst of all
Mushroom in the land of Moss
Shelter for the 'bot

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