Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's been a pretty good day today


i) Our dogs now look nice and tidy, thanks to their personal groomer and paternal in-charge, Brian. They even smell nice for a longer time too.. okay not that long...

ii) Went to help my sis-in-law buy felt and got myself some boring but essential sewing supplies. Came home with extras like these:

vintage buttons; mostly with glitter in plastic which I'd like to think, "Indo-style" like. Some came with free layers of dust over them!

Besides a new grey tiny polka dotted cotton, there are two floral printed ones too.

Cotton floral prints in dark brown tone

Cotton big floral prints in green & white

iii) Bought some papers and envelopes to complete the card project below.

I think I'll be able to finish making the cards and show them tomorrow.

iv) I got picked for the 'Pay it Forward giveaway'! Kwoozy will be making something for me. Gosh! Considering it was by chance I got to her blog and left a comment for the first time. The rule is I've to make something for the first/random 3 persons who would leave a comment in my 'giveaway' post and they will have to carry on the game (?). I start to grow concerned that nobody would be interested in what I'll be giving away and worse, for them to continue this game. Nevertheless, I'll be making the giveaway gifts and announce in an official post sometime this week despite my half empty glass perspective.


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