Monday, July 16, 2007

Fill it with bread

Made earlier from fabric, polyester batting and thread, a basket which I'll like to fill up with bread from a bakery and send to an aunt tomorrow. The pattern for the basket is from my Japanese craft book ISBN4-8347-2303-8, one I use very often.

The aunt is my father-in-law's cousin and she has been a motherly figure to Brian and me, here in Palembang. When I came down with flu on Friday, aunt S. Seng and her husband together with Brian accompanied me to the doctor's. It was my first time having to go to a clinic and we haven't any idea which one to go to. I felt guilty that I'd to involve so many people just for me to see a doctor. I was very used to the convenience of being able to take a short trip on a bus or walk by myself to a clinic in Singapore. The doctor told me that I'm able to live like a queen here but like an ant back home. It was a loose example but one that says a lot of a lifestyle difference.

When I first came here, I'd to get used to the fact that I'm not able to travel on my own. Not able to drive and really, I won't have the guts to, on such haphazard traffic even if I do. Public transport is out of the range for me as I'm used to system, safety and comfort. I become quite a homebody now but I'm not complaining. I quite like it despite the fact that my social life goes a deep low. Of course there are many other frustrations take for example, power shortage happened twice at home yesterday (and very often) but I always tried to step back after the anger and remind myself that I'm here to experience all these and that there are many people in the world living in far worse conditions. Indeed, maybe I'm living like a queen, not forgetting that a queen has to give up on many things in life for that lifestyle. The doctor had hit a nail.

Aunt S. Seng came delivering a shephard's pie for my dinner last evening. Teresia and I finished it to the last bit. Brian will be returning from Jakarta today as he left for that place on Saturday for work and we'll both go visit auntie tomorrow.


  1. I love the fabric you used for this. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. So are you living permanently in Indonesia? that sucks major when your lifestyle changes and independance is at a hightime low. Understand about the power switching although we had other problems.


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