Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back from Jakarta

Returned to Palembang last evening. It was an overall fruitful trip.

Brian and I spent 3 short days of quality time with friends, Adrian and S. Cheng who planned a vacation in Indonesia. They are now in Jogjakarta and will be heading to Solo later, taking train rides, backpackers' style. Very adventurous "siblings" I have indeed!

On the 7th, we attended a cousin's wedding. It was a buffet reception where guests got to "park" themselves at different tables serving different types of Indonesian dishes. It was a kind of reception I have to get used to because at the end of the day, I had very tired feet from standing around too much!

We also managed to insert a little work above all the leisure. Brian brought me to do a day's tile manufacturing factory tour on Monday. Interesting and quite like stepping into the Discovery channel.

I'll be getting back to crafting soon, hopefully and have something to show here.

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  1. welcome back from your trip! i love that picture looking out of the aeroplane. makes me want to hop on one and fly away right now!


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