Saturday, July 21, 2007

aged plastic love

Lately, I'm very drawn to things that look a little aged, especially plastic items. I like to look out for retro cups too, made of plastic and glass that the local supermarkets still sell although I don't buy them. I rediscovered the clothespins that Brian's mummy bought a long time back. I was cleaning up the house when we first moved here and uncovered some stuff that his mummy left behind. As we don't use clothesline to dry our laundry, I kept the clothespins in the cupboard, knowing that it'll come in handy one day.

I opened it up today to use it for taking photos of my completed zip clutch purses. From the price tag of the packaging, Brian and I realized the clothespins were bought from the Emporium shopping centre in Singapore, defunct some long time back . I've have fond memories of shopping with my mother there. Do you?

The purses are made of similar materials used for the one in my previous post. The differences are that I used different coloured zips and felt flowers to match each other. There are two of each of the above. Brown zips + yellow felt flowers; green zips + white felt flowers; red zips + red felt flowers; orange zips + orange felt flowers. The orange ones are slightly smaller because I realized the orange zips are a wee shorter than the others.

I used up my polka dotted linen with scraps remaining for small projects. I felt a little lost then because I really like that fabric a lot and it was the only polka dotted one I had. On the other hand, I feel great that it was being used up to create useful things. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way about a treasured craft material.

Talk about being useful, I'm sure the lunch-box above will be helpful in organizing my sewing kits. I thrifted it from a supermarket yesterday. I like its prints, tomatoes or strawberries I'm quite undecided. It is plastic and I'm not sure if it's made many years ago or that quality of things here can be pretty lousy, I think it is quite retro-ish.

So glad I managed to take the photos above earlier today because it's raining heavily now and looks like one that will last hours. Love the sound of rain and I'm still bent on catching a rainbow one day although I think I won't have such luck today. The sun has retired already from what I see!


  1. the zipped clutch purses are sweet. keep up the sweetness *_*

  2. cool and lovely purses....
    where are u selling it?


  3. Love the purses espec the decorated ribbon at top. I know what you mean about using all your favourite material. I always keep remnants but wish I could let them go but know that I will regret it if I do hence the cycle goes on. How much do you sell your stuff for and where do you sell it? Oh and suffice my ignorance but how do you put your fifi label on your blog photographs. Do you have to have a patent for that or is that your copyright on your blog. Im new to the whole scene..


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