Monday, June 04, 2007

shopping, sorting

There are many old shops in the main business district of this town where I like to explore. It's also where the locals will go especially during the weekends, to do their shopping. Some shops, I find, would carry goods which were kept for many years, understandably unfashionable now.

There is a shop where I bought pretty much of my sewing supplies and I recalled a fabric shop a lane across it. Went to check it out yesterday. Mostly bales of cloth for tailoring for sale though I bought some printed cotton, a weave type and a plain yellow one.

Further down the street, there is a shopping centre which was once, the only hippest place to be. Bought some new old stock of handkerchiefs there and I was also thrilled to get hold of a gold evening purse for a song.

I'm trying to "revamp" my limited work space a little within these few days. Got hold of a plasticky cupboard in order to better shelve my fabric. This way I'd also be able to have quick view of what I have instead of having to rummage through them in a storage box which is pretty filled up. I also took all my fabric for a wash and now, waiting to be ironed.

Hopefully, I'll be ready to sew on a clean 'slate' of mind in no time.


  1. it sounds like there are a few good places to shop where you are... i like the fabrics you found! there's nothing like having a big clean and sort-out, is there?

  2. oh if only i had such amazing stores close to me. :)

    glad you got some good finds.

    I enjoy knowing that you do the same game with your dog, :)



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