Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sayangan, where the shops are

Too much anticipation sometimes can lead to some disappointment, eh? My shopping trip in the noon was cut short because of an impending rain and really, any further, I'd have broke my bank of limited cash capacity.

I would have love to take some photos of the streets I roamed (very quick walking, eyes darting) earlier. It was my first time straying away from the vehicle for long distance. Because in my opinion and according to Teresia's too, it's never safe shopping in such rough districts. So I left my camera and bag at home. One day, I'll like to try taking a picture of the 海南雞飯 stall we chanced upon.

The top photo shows the felt, buttons and 2 types of brown trims I got in the first shop, toko Zainul. The cost of felt are prices I could not get in Singapore and I think I went overboard there. The bottom is a photo of proficiency badges for students in the local mainstream schools. I bought them from another shop where there is a row of such shops selling school uniforms. Can you tell that the badges with the sewing machine logo are the most?

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  1. lovely sewing supplies! that felt looks like so much fun... what will you make with it?
    i wish i could have come along with you- i also have a tendency to blow my budget on most shopping trips!


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