Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday night

I haven't been out of home for a few days. Finally, I stepped out of the walls this evening and went out for quick grocery shopping and dinner at a new eatery at the shopping mall where the exhibition is held and that Brian has been busy with these days. My senses were a little shaken when I took that step out of the garage door. My eyes adjusting to further distance and the weak winds greeting me.

9 sunglasses cases completed today and hopefully for sale on my stall table one day. Owls? I'll let you decide...

Cases are made of felt, buttons and thread. They're an improvement from the two for my friends in the previous post. These cases are interfaced to keep its shape and have velcro for easier fastening.

Speaking of owls, I have a favourite one although fictional. It's Hedwig. A pet of Harry Potter's. I'll be waiting patiently for the series' last book.

It's late now.. I'm definitely not a night owl. (yawn)


  1. oh my! I really love these owl cases (they look like owls to me!)

    I think they will sell very well.

    right now I am acutally in a part of the world where owls dwell. Maybe I will see one if I am lucky. Saw a wild prarie dog this morning though!


  2. they are so pretty! Can't wait to have you back at maad with us! :)


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