Tuesday, June 26, 2007

new hats & quick sharing of current situation

On the ironing board is my batch of 'the birds & the trees' reversible lampshade hats. The 'trees' hats are made today and the other two sometime back.
{ You can see me wearing mine here, kim. :) }

These hats are made of brown corduroy, purple and red gingham checks, felt for the trees and birds appliques and thread.

I haven't been crafting actively lately, have I? These past days had been challenging.
#1. Brian worked through the last weekend and will be putting in working hours for the company's exhibition in a shopping mall everyday of the week until the early next July. I felt tired for him and for everybody else. Did that make any sense?
#2. Thoughts of moving to a rented place for better convenience and facilities are constantly in my mind. We might make it happen next month and although I look forward to it, I find I'm stuck in the comfort (not the best but adjusted) zone.

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  1. more lovely hats! i really love the photo of you wearing one, too. great to see you!

    i often find myself stuck in the comfort zone. good luck if you do decide to look for another place!


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