Saturday, June 02, 2007

Maybe, I'm just a wannabe.

I've had toys made which their gender were up to the owners to decide and there were the sock monkeys which do not have the slightest hint of femininity. The lady dog toy's pattern is from the book gifted to me. I like it so much, my other craft books are taking the backstage currently.

It's challenging to make a girl toy. Those little sweet details get me on my toes. I would like to make a yellow skirt for the dog. Something just doesn't seem right there. Argh! I would use the same fabric for its head, palms and legs next time, instead of following the book's instructions.

I don't have any fabric with the yellow theme. Maybe it's time to go to the fabric shop. (I have so much fabric gifted to me in Singapore, thanks Beehui, but I can't bring them over because of serious baggage excess issue. Sigh..) Maybe it's time for a good crafting break.


  1. i like yellow too, and that wee skirt makes me laugh and smile! how incredible sweet.

  2. nice quirky dog lady. Your crafts are always unique.

    I stuffed up on a bag today so I know what you mean by wanting a crafting break:)



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