Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hold the grease

My mother doesn't put on an apron at home. Never in my life have I seen her don one. Needless to say my grandmothers do not put on an apron in the house either. Maybe it's more out of vanity than practicality, I've decided to start a tradition. Or rather a good practice for myself, ever since I received a cute vintage apron from Melissa and made a point to cook regularly at home.

I've been wearing the apron often and I'll like to think my clothes get some sort of protection from the grease of the occasional deep frying. My hands will find a convenient spot to dry after every wash although I do refrain from doing that.. trying very hard to refrain..

One apron will not be able to bear the grime for long so I've decided to start making some for myself. This is a half apron of various new and retro fabric bought, gifted and recycled, a vintage trim and thread. It has a I find, rather queer looking bird applique. Because trees are my favorite things on earth, I have it appliqued and the "leaves & branches" part is a pocket. It wasn't intentional but the end result looks kind of childish. I seem to be pretty critical of my works these days. It wasn't easy on the mind.

Here's Gioia checking me out while I was taking the photo above beside the door.


  1. crazy apron! they make cooking so much fun:)

    everytime you post a photo of gioia I am reminded of the dog I had growing up, and its so nice to remember him.

  2. sweet little bird and tree apron! i am like you, and have to try quite hadr to remember to usemy apron when cooking/baking. i think your apron will always make you feel happy to be cooking!


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