Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fred & Dawn

These two felt sunglasses cases are made today for my two young friends. Fred, who is a drummer for the band, Potential Problem, asked me to make him a case for his sunglasses sometime back. (Sorry Fred, this took so long and it'll take a longer time to reach you and Dawn.) The brown red one is for his girl, Dawn, a guitarist.

Fred wanted a skull feature for his case. Both of us like Skurvy but that is the only bones I can think of and don't feel comfortable recreating exactly. I wanted to design something similar using drum sticks to replace the bones and a drum face to replace the skull. But my drawings just didn't look right. Will work on it..

My RayBan's cover was where I got the idea for the cases above. I stared at it for sometime and later, I thought I could make an owl's face on it. I traced out the cover on newspapers and after the second trial, obtained a pattern for the case. I used 2 layers of felt for making each case and added buttons for the "eyes".

I think Fred's turned out looking more like a koala bear and I'm a little bit more convinced that Dawn's case looks more like an owl. I hope they have as much fun using the cases as I was making them.


  1. really cool- i thought 'koala' and 'owl' too- i'm sure your musician freinds will love them.
    hope you have a great weekend. xx

  2. That is just awesome! We love em' already! Come back soon!
    Love, F and D


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