Saturday, June 09, 2007


Owl eyeglass case
vintage pattern, felt, buttons & thread
Only 3 of it.

There isn't much crafting going on here. The reason for my downtime is because I'm feeling the low. There were many moments when I looked into my 2 new drawers of freshly laundered and ironed fabric and not feel inspired at all.

Asked my domestic friend, household helper and only friend here, Teresia about where I can go get new old stock of buttons and fabric today. I hope to get to know some old shops where they still keep their stock of buttons and fabric from many years ago. My mood almost instantly lifted when she told me about such a place. Why didn't I ask her earlier? I made a date with her and booked my driver (read: Brian) for next Saturday. Can't wait..


  1. hey fiona,

    sorry to hear you are feeling low. Living far away from friends and family especially in a place that is so different from what you are used to can be so so incredibly hard at times. You are doing well though! I love seeing all the things you are making with fabric, the soft toys are exceptionally charming.

    and if ever inspiration is low, taking a break is fine :) we all have times like that!

    Glad that the prospect of shopping at a new craft store has lifted your spirits:)


  2. sorry you're feeling a bit low right now. i'm like that myself often! i do find that taking a break helps- doing something totally different like reading or knitting or watching movies. hope you're feeling better soon, and i can't wait to hear about your trip with Teresia!


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