Friday, June 22, 2007

Dogs & Hats

Some photos I took at the warehouse where Brian was, for work last evening. I heard we are helping to pay for about 14 (or more?) of these "guard dogs"' daily meals. But I didn't get to see and know all of them whenever I'm at the warehouse. They get to roam freely. It was tricky too, to get really get close to them for a close photo taking.


Whenever I'm in the process of making hats, I imagine myself to be the animated Sophie. Of course, what vast differences! (chuckles)

These reversible lampshade hats are made of navy blue corduroy, new fabric bought/2 types of vintage floral fabric given to me by sweet Melissa and thread. The second hat from the right (top hat photo) will be given to my brother-in-law's wife who is born in July and a gentle mother of two young ones.


  1. those hats look pretty, can you show us what they are like on?

    i am visiting my family in co, and am using the new MAC book we ordered. yip!

    hope you are well.


  2. these are lovely- how cool to see the fabric i sent from nz! hope you are well x


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