Monday, June 18, 2007


Yesterday was celebrated with lots of unrealistic day dreaming of my future, no real work done and ended with a nice dinner as I turned 27. I remembered a restaurant where they served the most wonderful warm soft roll and I was fortunate to be brought there for dinner last night. Asked for extra servings of it and even took home some more of the bread just so the goodness could be extended a little bit more.

I was given a Blythe doll about 2 months ago when in Singapore for this occasion. Thanks Brian, because he knew I really like the doll a lot. I know I'm very fortunate. She is a 'rainy day parade' and you can see her in her rainy weather gear here. In the above, she wears a dress I made for her using fabric given to by Beehui and one which I like very much.


  1. Happy birthday Fiona!
    Hopet his year is your best yet. And with that blythe doll, how could it not be? she's lovely.

  2. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Fiona! I'm glad you got to take some bread home. And that dress on Blythe is very cute.


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