Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday night

I haven't been out of home for a few days. Finally, I stepped out of the walls this evening and went out for quick grocery shopping and dinner at a new eatery at the shopping mall where the exhibition is held and that Brian has been busy with these days. My senses were a little shaken when I took that step out of the garage door. My eyes adjusting to further distance and the weak winds greeting me.

9 sunglasses cases completed today and hopefully for sale on my stall table one day. Owls? I'll let you decide...

Cases are made of felt, buttons and thread. They're an improvement from the two for my friends in the previous post. These cases are interfaced to keep its shape and have velcro for easier fastening.

Speaking of owls, I have a favourite one although fictional. It's Hedwig. A pet of Harry Potter's. I'll be waiting patiently for the series' last book.

It's late now.. I'm definitely not a night owl. (yawn)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fred & Dawn

These two felt sunglasses cases are made today for my two young friends. Fred, who is a drummer for the band, Potential Problem, asked me to make him a case for his sunglasses sometime back. (Sorry Fred, this took so long and it'll take a longer time to reach you and Dawn.) The brown red one is for his girl, Dawn, a guitarist.

Fred wanted a skull feature for his case. Both of us like Skurvy but that is the only bones I can think of and don't feel comfortable recreating exactly. I wanted to design something similar using drum sticks to replace the bones and a drum face to replace the skull. But my drawings just didn't look right. Will work on it..

My RayBan's cover was where I got the idea for the cases above. I stared at it for sometime and later, I thought I could make an owl's face on it. I traced out the cover on newspapers and after the second trial, obtained a pattern for the case. I used 2 layers of felt for making each case and added buttons for the "eyes".

I think Fred's turned out looking more like a koala bear and I'm a little bit more convinced that Dawn's case looks more like an owl. I hope they have as much fun using the cases as I was making them.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

new hats & quick sharing of current situation

On the ironing board is my batch of 'the birds & the trees' reversible lampshade hats. The 'trees' hats are made today and the other two sometime back.
{ You can see me wearing mine here, kim. :) }

These hats are made of brown corduroy, purple and red gingham checks, felt for the trees and birds appliques and thread.

I haven't been crafting actively lately, have I? These past days had been challenging.
#1. Brian worked through the last weekend and will be putting in working hours for the company's exhibition in a shopping mall everyday of the week until the early next July. I felt tired for him and for everybody else. Did that make any sense?
#2. Thoughts of moving to a rented place for better convenience and facilities are constantly in my mind. We might make it happen next month and although I look forward to it, I find I'm stuck in the comfort (not the best but adjusted) zone.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Dogs & Hats

Some photos I took at the warehouse where Brian was, for work last evening. I heard we are helping to pay for about 14 (or more?) of these "guard dogs"' daily meals. But I didn't get to see and know all of them whenever I'm at the warehouse. They get to roam freely. It was tricky too, to get really get close to them for a close photo taking.


Whenever I'm in the process of making hats, I imagine myself to be the animated Sophie. Of course, what vast differences! (chuckles)

These reversible lampshade hats are made of navy blue corduroy, new fabric bought/2 types of vintage floral fabric given to me by sweet Melissa and thread. The second hat from the right (top hat photo) will be given to my brother-in-law's wife who is born in July and a gentle mother of two young ones.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


There have been a lot of little bird appearances in my handmade things. Here's a real life one I saw perching on the metal shield over our window.

Playful ones will tend to perch on the netting which we use to keep out mosquitoes. They never fail to amuse me whenever they do that.

Here's a red felt bird on my new hat.

It's made of brown corduroy, red gingham, thread and felt bits for applique. I had fun making this lampshade style hat which I obtained its pattern from my japanese craft book ISBN4-8347-2303-8. If you like, you can view more of the hat here where I had a model.

I'm sure I'll be occupied with making more of this hat of a while.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Yesterday was celebrated with lots of unrealistic day dreaming of my future, no real work done and ended with a nice dinner as I turned 27. I remembered a restaurant where they served the most wonderful warm soft roll and I was fortunate to be brought there for dinner last night. Asked for extra servings of it and even took home some more of the bread just so the goodness could be extended a little bit more.

I was given a Blythe doll about 2 months ago when in Singapore for this occasion. Thanks Brian, because he knew I really like the doll a lot. I know I'm very fortunate. She is a 'rainy day parade' and you can see her in her rainy weather gear here. In the above, she wears a dress I made for her using fabric given to by Beehui and one which I like very much.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sayangan, where the shops are

Too much anticipation sometimes can lead to some disappointment, eh? My shopping trip in the noon was cut short because of an impending rain and really, any further, I'd have broke my bank of limited cash capacity.

I would have love to take some photos of the streets I roamed (very quick walking, eyes darting) earlier. It was my first time straying away from the vehicle for long distance. Because in my opinion and according to Teresia's too, it's never safe shopping in such rough districts. So I left my camera and bag at home. One day, I'll like to try taking a picture of the 海南雞飯 stall we chanced upon.

The top photo shows the felt, buttons and 2 types of brown trims I got in the first shop, toko Zainul. The cost of felt are prices I could not get in Singapore and I think I went overboard there. The bottom is a photo of proficiency badges for students in the local mainstream schools. I bought them from another shop where there is a row of such shops selling school uniforms. Can you tell that the badges with the sewing machine logo are the most?

Friday, June 15, 2007

more aprons

I wish I have intelligent topics to write. But I don't have any and I'm feeling extremely ashamed. So a picture of some comfort food for celebrating the shower of rain (with all the works of thunder and lightning `grin`) in the afternoon to glorify my first and second statements.

This is a detail of 'the birds & the trees' apron I made amidst the sound of rain. Here's another one. They are made of bronze coloured cotton with a variety of fabric for appliques. and Oh, I made this one yesterday. All aprons have pockets. Each measures about 60cm by 48cm and has straps of about 80cm each.

A happy weekend to you!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

About the birds & the trees

There were days when I didn't do any sewing. I figure everyone needs a break from a certain routine once in a while. I tried to put in more hours of reading instead and even sleep. Read -> Sleep; see that little simple pattern. A jumble of words like to force my eyes to close, of course I can't say that my comfortable reading place do not play a big part. But I cannot have lazy limbs for long before the guilt set in.

I did a sketch on my journal for the aprons I wished to work on yesterday. Drawing albeit too conservatively, helps me to "see". The small blue+gold-ly specks stone I attached to my journal is a lapis lazuli, in case anyone wonders.

These two were made yesterday. I got hold of some good cotton a few days ago. The two are mainly made of creamy pink cotton and appliqued with a variety of fabric and vintage trims. The trees' "leaves and branches" parts are pockets.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

sweet floral

Two vintage handkerchiefs for a hankies swap arrived through the mail for me last evening. Thrilled! Love the floral prints and curve edges.
Thank you, Patty!

Monday, June 11, 2007

On the window sill, In a dream

Someday, there will be a wooden cabinet of handmade toys in our abode.

Meantime, the window sill is the place to be.

Newly joined toy monkeys made of recycled T-shirt, stuffing, felt and thread.
Patterns from the Jersey Nuigurumi book.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Owl eyeglass case
vintage pattern, felt, buttons & thread
Only 3 of it.

There isn't much crafting going on here. The reason for my downtime is because I'm feeling the low. There were many moments when I looked into my 2 new drawers of freshly laundered and ironed fabric and not feel inspired at all.

Asked my domestic friend, household helper and only friend here, Teresia about where I can go get new old stock of buttons and fabric today. I hope to get to know some old shops where they still keep their stock of buttons and fabric from many years ago. My mood almost instantly lifted when she told me about such a place. Why didn't I ask her earlier? I made a date with her and booked my driver (read: Brian) for next Saturday. Can't wait..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hold the grease

My mother doesn't put on an apron at home. Never in my life have I seen her don one. Needless to say my grandmothers do not put on an apron in the house either. Maybe it's more out of vanity than practicality, I've decided to start a tradition. Or rather a good practice for myself, ever since I received a cute vintage apron from Melissa and made a point to cook regularly at home.

I've been wearing the apron often and I'll like to think my clothes get some sort of protection from the grease of the occasional deep frying. My hands will find a convenient spot to dry after every wash although I do refrain from doing that.. trying very hard to refrain..

One apron will not be able to bear the grime for long so I've decided to start making some for myself. This is a half apron of various new and retro fabric bought, gifted and recycled, a vintage trim and thread. It has a I find, rather queer looking bird applique. Because trees are my favorite things on earth, I have it appliqued and the "leaves & branches" part is a pocket. It wasn't intentional but the end result looks kind of childish. I seem to be pretty critical of my works these days. It wasn't easy on the mind.

Here's Gioia checking me out while I was taking the photo above beside the door.

Monday, June 04, 2007

shopping, sorting

There are many old shops in the main business district of this town where I like to explore. It's also where the locals will go especially during the weekends, to do their shopping. Some shops, I find, would carry goods which were kept for many years, understandably unfashionable now.

There is a shop where I bought pretty much of my sewing supplies and I recalled a fabric shop a lane across it. Went to check it out yesterday. Mostly bales of cloth for tailoring for sale though I bought some printed cotton, a weave type and a plain yellow one.

Further down the street, there is a shopping centre which was once, the only hippest place to be. Bought some new old stock of handkerchiefs there and I was also thrilled to get hold of a gold evening purse for a song.

I'm trying to "revamp" my limited work space a little within these few days. Got hold of a plasticky cupboard in order to better shelve my fabric. This way I'd also be able to have quick view of what I have instead of having to rummage through them in a storage box which is pretty filled up. I also took all my fabric for a wash and now, waiting to be ironed.

Hopefully, I'll be ready to sew on a clean 'slate' of mind in no time.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Maybe, I'm just a wannabe.

I've had toys made which their gender were up to the owners to decide and there were the sock monkeys which do not have the slightest hint of femininity. The lady dog toy's pattern is from the book gifted to me. I like it so much, my other craft books are taking the backstage currently.

It's challenging to make a girl toy. Those little sweet details get me on my toes. I would like to make a yellow skirt for the dog. Something just doesn't seem right there. Argh! I would use the same fabric for its head, palms and legs next time, instead of following the book's instructions.

I don't have any fabric with the yellow theme. Maybe it's time to go to the fabric shop. (I have so much fabric gifted to me in Singapore, thanks Beehui, but I can't bring them over because of serious baggage excess issue. Sigh..) Maybe it's time for a good crafting break.