Friday, May 18, 2007

"Write a list."

That's what I had been telling Brian when he asked me for some pouches, a few weeks back. I didn't dare to start making without knowing the number of wire cables and charges he had in mind for. When he came back with a nice yardage of black corduroy yesterday, I knew I can't put off his requests any longer.

I found this list on the table this afternoon when I came home.

A lot of work, huh?

These four money bag style pouches are what I can manage today. They're made of black corduroy, turquoise cotton and shoe/pillow case lace.

I've to check my leftover "stock" of batting for his camera and singing bowl wraps.

1 comment:

  1. very practical... you guys seem so tidy. we keep all our miscellaneous electrontic bits on a cradboard box which I think is ghetto but luke thinks is 'simple' :)

    you guys make storing electronics look beautiful .



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