Monday, May 14, 2007


I can't help it. The 'T' just has to be there. Chuckles..

On odd weekdays, I'll go to the office. I'm not officially working but helping out with administrative work. It will be days when I'm staring into the software Excel which is a good thing. I have to learn new things and this will publicize my ignorance but indeed, I'm still grappling with the components(?) of Excel.

If time permits, I will be ferried back after lunch (because someone needs to prepare dinner). Eating in is a big effort as well. I'm still trying and learning.

On days like this, I like to put in time in the noon for simpler projects like making zip purses.

Toile fabric I got from Spotlight in Singapore. I used my fave trimming. I think I don't have non-fave trimming. Pardon me.

Probably can't tell, this purse is made from attaching 3 separate pieces on each side.

Purple gingham checks for lining.


  1. so sweet! i love the toile. even if that word does make me think of toilets.
    good luck with the excel- you're brave! i am absolutely useless with computers, but it would be such a good skill to have.


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