Saturday, May 12, 2007

put down to earth

A somersaulting chimpanzee toy bought on the street a few days ago. It was bought for yours truly by Brian. I played with it a few times and yep, I'm a big, BIG kid. I like toys like this. Plastic and winding.

Slowly, I'm getting back the rhythm of living in Palembang. All things well aside, I think this place is one huge sauna facility. There's never a day I wasn't perspiring real bad. Staying in an air-con room most of the day is a soothing idea but nope, I got to get moving.

and so, the rubber tyre of Brian's VW bus got flat along a rather busy road. Never experienced such a thing. City dwellers. The roads are so forgiving back home. Because of 2 old stubborn knobs that refused to budge, he couldn't change it. "Rescue knights" came in the form of 3 tanned electrician and carpenters, father's employees. I'm thinking what situations can they not handle. Later, we went orh~ing and aahing on the technique they used to get the knobs out.

On crafting side, a bag, I decide to call it Pouffe, made two days ago. I'll have to try to fit in time for sewing and will like to make more of pouffes. It's a pattern from magazine Cotton Friend Vol 21. The bag is made of fabric that has some interesting thread bits and the lining is recycled green cotton. There's a lined pocket and I used a big yellow vintage button.


  1. settling back in can be a long process.. Lies just went through it when she came back from belgium. but good on you, you seem to be doing well. your bag looks fun!

    brain was so thoughtful to get you that quirky toy... yeah for good husbands!


  2. i love this bag! the design is so great- was it tricky to make?
    it must be hard feeling displaced and getting re-settled. good thing you have your crafting- i love seeing what you make.
    take care, m x


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