Tuesday, May 15, 2007

overcast day

It rained in the morning and has been overcast the whole day. Saw those pretty flowers on the neighbour's fence before the walk. Everything looks fresh and delightful after a shower of rain, doesn't it?

Our morning walk was shortened because of the drizzle and the dogs are so hyped up! Cats in our compound teasing them once in a while and them, staring through the window, barking away.

Bag: patterned fabric, brown cord, turquoise cotton lining & pocket, a grainy vintage button

I meant to make another pouffe bag but lethargy overcame. Maybe it's the weather. Nice weather. Maybe going out and taking in the rare cool air is a better idea.


  1. there is no shortage of overcast days here. in auckalnd we haven't seen the sun in 5 days.... :( it gets me down.

    glad you were able to overcome and get some more sewing done:)

  2. another beautiful bag! I really am in love with that design you do.
    enjoy your walk. :)


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