Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Sock Monkeys WIP

There are times I wonder the purpose of this blog. I have to remind myself it is an avenue for me to record my crafting and to log my finished makes. However I find it is not easy to not make references to my life while at it. After all, sewing is closely linked to my heart hence my life these days.

I've been reading some of my favorite bloggers' declarations of some random things about themselves. It's always fun to know more about somebody whom I seem to know, thanks to the internet, yet do not really know, real life. I would go, hey, I'm this and that too and feel comforted that I'm not alone in some things which I thought were silly.

I thought it wouldn't come to me but Patty tagged me.

1. I started drinking coffee in the mornings since I was 14. From instant packagings, I've recently changed to brewing on a one-person-worth-of-coffee-maker. It has to be sweetened with milk. If I don't have one, my body will stop for awhile and my mind will go "hang on, wait a minute, something is missing." in the afternoon.

2. While studying for my degree, I gave tuition to a child studying in a Primary School at her home. One vacation, I worked as a cashier/housekeeper in a straight pool saloon with my best friend. I was marking a Primary 4 assessment book one day while the saloon was quiet and a customer across the cashier counter thought I haven't make to PSLE (Primary School Leaving Exams).

3. I played the flute in my secondary school band. When I just entered the Junior College, the school principal threatened to remove me from the school in the her office if I didn't join the college band. I was seeing her about not joining. I stayed on, and yep, you guessed it, I reluctantly put in my time in the band. Now that I think about it, I was such a wimp!

4. I also joined the college school library, to do book shelving duties and to escape my miseries.

5. I only recently divulged no.3 to my father. He was reaaalllyyy mad. He asked why didn't I tell him at that time.

6. I was an angst ridden 17-18er and telling my parents anything was not in the book.

7. When I was 20, I thought age 28 is a good time for marriage. I married in the year I turned 23.

8. I worked in two banks for a short period each time. It took me two times for me to realize that is not an industry for me to be in.

9. I had a knee surgery and during the recovery period, I limped on my way to register my marriage.

10. I like dogs but I'm afraid of them. Especially strays. Living with three, I realized that as humans, we cannot completely fathom another specie's psychology. My three give me lessons on strength, living life and love everyday.


  1. lovely stripey sock monkey in progress!
    it's really nice to read more about you. i would never have imagined you'd be scared of dogs. i admire people who have pets- they're kind and patient.
    and i didn't know you played the flute- do you still play a bit now?

  2. I know what you mean about craft and life being so connected. It is impossible to write about it without including information about your life, what has been on your mind, and what has been on your heart. I think this is a good sign because it shows that crafting has soul. thanks for sharing more about yourself :)

  3. Thanks for doing this, Fiona! I like getting to know more about the people whose blogs I really enjoy. And i won't admit it to anyone but I get scared around certain dogs too (the bigger ones).


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