Saturday, May 05, 2007

Late Morning

It's a big deal to me whenever I plan to go to the beach. Living in the Western part, it takes close to an hour's drive to get to East Coast Park. Why are the all beaches in the East? I'm not a morning person. We arrived at the beach (I have to mention we detoured to borrow our vehicle at somewhere else and faced a traffic jam on the expressway) in the late morning and had the hot sun greeting us.

Dear Sun didn't kill my joy in having the breeze in my hair and sounds of waves in my ears though. It's been some time.

(Okay, it's kitsch. He calls them "China Vans". Me, "Lau Bei Bei" shoes. The shoe-shop lady in the market was puzzled when we bought them, usually meant for elderly male folks. Each of us have two pairs of different colours now. They're really comfortable to walk around in.)

1 comment:

  1. nice beach photos.
    getting to the beach is so easy in Auckland. I grew up in a place with no beaches and had seen the ocean only a handful of times before I moved here. so its still amazing to me.

    I am with you on the shoes, they're great!


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