Monday, May 28, 2007

For a friend

A friend's birthday is coming, I just realized yesterday. Had to get a gift done and sent soon as she is in Singapore. Like me, she's born in the year of the monkey and a June baby. So this Sock Monkey is for her.

It's made of new socks, poly stuffing, vintage purple & sequined buttons for its eyes, white linen and purple gingham for its tie, yellow vintage flower button for its behind and thread.

From my last understanding, this friend whom I've had for fourteen years doesn't read my blog so this will still be a surprise, I hope. I thought the serial number on the monkey's back is quite apt for the occasion. B-2007, Birthday-the year 2007.

As I made this toy, I thought of our friendship. Albeit many years, I wasn't there for her many a times. As we walk our own different life paths, we miss each other's many continuing scenes of happiness, joy, fear and pain. Ouch. Miss her.


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