Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Feeling the blues

It's hard to find good looking and quality socks within my budget. When I saw those stripey socks in a shop sometime back, I had to buy them. Those 4 socks are all turned into toy monkeys now and I'll like to put the three below for sale. I refrain from giving them names. If they have names given by me, I won't have the heart to part with them.

All monkeys have a hat and a tie/scarf each. Both hat and neck warmer can be removed from the monkey. They're made of new socks, polyester stuffing, vintage buttons, fabric for neck warmers and thread.

Should there be a story about these four fellows, I'll like to imagine that they form a jazz band.

When the humans off the lights in the house for the night, a spotlight from nowhere would promptly shine on them. Monkeys put on their outside wear and made their way out to the pub where they work. It's a chilly night out there. Walking together, back slouching against the cold. A blues tune in each mind, dreaming of a music tour around the world.


  1. oh they are so so so adorable! I love them all! however are you going to part with them? ha! a jazz band :) that made me smile


  2. They are so cool! Have I told you your blog is amazing?


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