Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big Boy's toys

Remember the list? I didn't forget. I need to get the list completed so I can move into sewing other things. I do have some batting left and finally managed to get 4 wraps and pouches done today.

As of last time, I used the same materials. Black needlecord, turquoise cotton, added batting and my last of velcro for fastener.

A camera wrap. We've seen and nearly bought something similar in a camera shop but B didn't want to get it. It was a little too over-priced.

I also did a similar wrap for his singing bowl.

A video camera pouch.

Now, don't go thinking we're either rich (because we're definitely not.) or big spendthrifts (although sometimes I think we are bigtime in this area.). These two gadgets are the company's and under B's "care". Chuckles.. We're at the end of having good fun using them though.

This is his. iPod pouch. He chose the skull badge a long time ago and I finally did get to use it as part of something made for him.

Okay, girls' stuff will be up and continued. How bland it is to be always staring at the colour black.

P.S. Thanks B, for liking the black/turquoise combi!

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  1. i like your ipod cover/pouch ezpecially the added manly toughness of a skull and cross bones patch. he he.

    I bet you are missing using colous you like but I do like the black.
    Aucklanders where a lot of black and I am no exception:)


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