Thursday, May 10, 2007


That's Gioia.

Finally, we're back. Although foreign, it's where my heart is at the moment. Where our lives are of purposes and productivity, again, I hope.

We returned with new sets of rules for our dogs and that naturally require us being disciplined as well. Waking up early for walks 15 mins' drive away from home is a big challenge for me. We started the walks this morning and I hope to be determined to carry this out most days of every week. Exercise, discipline then affection. Tips I'm gathering from a book I'm currently reading.

Mickey and Gioia now sport very unfashionable fur-do. I'm looking forward to the weekend when Brian will help take a load of fur off their bodies.

I'm so glad to be back, to them.


  1. welcom home!

    good on you for being such a good, intentional dog mama. sounds like you've got a good plan for them and I am sure it will work. Little dogs need lots of excercise and I don't walk my little yoshi enough so your post was a good reminder:0 with that said, time to go for a walk!

  2. i'm v glad u're back to your nest safely :) take care k!


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