Saturday, April 14, 2007

Touting. When crafting leads to selling.

The other day I got these done and they had been lying around until they decided (yep, fabric rules.) to be part of zip+fabric+trimming purses. Handles are added for convenient carrying. Each purse is good for a mobile phone, a small money purse, keys and even an EZ link card! (Excuse me for touting.)

These 4 Courting Owls Series' purses will be for sale at my next craft stall (in a few months' time I hope..).


"In the Woods"

"Hi there!"

"So in love"

A small peek at the floral lining:

Happy weekending! *big smile*


  1. hey these are fantabulous and I am sure they will sell like hot cakes. 'So in love'is my personal favourite! well done.


  2. gorgeous work- each one made me smile...

  3. so cute!! When are you coming back babe?


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