Thursday, April 26, 2007

Toot Toot Bear's Story

This bear is made for Brian. Obviously, you can tell my inspiration came from this recent book. Why the name Toot Toot? Toot Toot in our (Brian & mine) language means nerdy.

Brian once had a pair of wear-at-home shorts that didn't fit him too comfortably. After some desperate wears, he decided to give it up. I rescued it and cut it up, hoping to recycle for my sewing projects. There were a few occasions when Brian was wearing that pair of shorts, he pulled the waist very high up to his chest and stuck out his two front teeth on purpose. That totally cracked me up.

"So toot toot!"

You guessed it, Toot Toot Bear's pants came from that pair of infamous shorts.

I also recycled his old purple T-shirt for the bear's body and stuffing from an old cushion. Before we left for Palembang, I had kept the cushion in the cupboard, not 'bear'ing to throw it away. Since the fabric of the cushion had frayed rather not too nicely, I decided to wash and sun the cushion and used the stuffing instead.


  1. ooo..tat's a cute bear & i'm sure it'll gonna be nostalgic for brian too as it's wearing his old shorts *_* umm...maybe u shld make one for yourself too so there'll be a pair *_*

  2. ha great idea for making a pair!

    I love this bear and even more the story behind him. :)

    thanks for posting the pattern. When I get time I would love to have a crack at it. I am sure my niece would like some new toys!



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