Thursday, April 26, 2007

Toot Toot Bear & his Pants: Tutorial

Toot Toot Bear

is my first pattern. I'll like to share this pattern and making instructions with anyone who is interested in making this little nerdy bear. I have to apologize for this poorly made instructions though. It's at this moment I wish I have knowledge and skills in webpage designing and lots of Tech~ mojo. Forgive me if I did not use proper sewing terms in my instructions. It's still a learning process for me.

Here's the pattern.
I drew all Toot Toot Bear's body parts on an A4 size paper.

Click on image to enlarge to any size you fancy. For Mac users, feel free to drag image to your desktop.


Some ideas:
*If you're making a Toot Toot Bear for a child, you can use fabric or felt for his eyes and not use buttons. Simply attach arms to Bear's body without the buttons.
*Recycle your loved ones' old clothing! Use parts of old clothing to make this bear.
*Have fun!


  1. Toot Toot is a very sweet bear. thank you the instructions- they seem very clear and like they will be easy to follow.
    I love the recycling story of Toot Toot came to be.

  2. Toot Toot is so cute! I love his pants. Thank you for the instructions on making him! I may actually attempt to make him.

    Patty, who does not sew

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