Wednesday, April 18, 2007

smoky meal

The weather has been quite predictable lately. Hot sunny mornings, thunderstorms in the afternoon and then late evenings of humidity.

There was a planned BBQ for six to be held in honor of a girlfriend last night and the weather was a little worrying before that. But the skies held and we had a good meal of grilled vegetables, roasted chicken which Brian and I brought (and spoilt the purity of the occasion. chuckles..), and a good double fudge brownie cheesecake for the star of the night, a friend who is a vegetarian and celebrates her birthday today.

It was a gathering of tasty grilled tom yum flavoured vegies, caramelized marshmallows+bananas, (how could I miss out the superbly marinated mushrooms, our pugilistic-chef friend+brudder?), decent drinks and good ole' conversations.

The gift made for Siew Cheng.

A zip purse made of scrap fabric. I attached a rose quartz apple pendant at the beak of the appliqued eagle for we share a common interest in cystals.

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  1. that BBQ looks delicious even at 10 am on a chilly morning. :)
    I am glad you are having a good time with friends. the bird carrying the pendant was surely the star birthday gift of the evening!


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