Friday, April 13, 2007

Reminders of Childhood days

As a child, I remember watching The Sound of Music on videotape, rewinding it and watching the show on TV again and again, I think much to the annoyance of the adults around me. Do re mi was the first song I tried playing on a wooden toy piano I had. I still count many songs from the musical as my favourites today.

Guess the thrill I had when I listened to the tracks from the record Brian found and bought for me yesterday. I went nuts mimicking the high notes and completely enjoyed the crackle and pop sounds while the second hand record spin.

I was out getting some boring craft materials and saw these embroidered handkerchiefs sold in a dozen yesterday.

Handkerchiefs made in the earlier days remind me of a school teacher who taught Chinese to me. She gave hankies to us children as a form of reward for good results and on Children's Day. She was one of the warmest and kind teachers I had, and most effective too. I'm still able to recite a 'Ching Ming' poem we were "forced" to memorise and write (yikes!) at that time.

A sweet friend/blogger I made through the internet has an online shop!
tiny happy shop run by Melissa of tiny happy.
Her peony baby shoes had me ogling at it for the longest time.

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  1. oh, i loved the sound of music so much, too! do you still watch the movie sometimes?
    thank you for the kind mention. :)


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