Monday, April 02, 2007

old school toys

old school toys, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

The two harmonicas that ET was pointing at were from a shop in Bussorah Street yesterday. Now that I remember the street's name. They are made of wood and tin so I find them really charming. They are in mint condition!

Some =old toys= websites (local):

:: MINT Museum of Toys ::

:: MoST (Musuem of Shanghai Toys) ::

"Am considering visiting these two places."

:: The Toys Museum ::

"Do check out the website's Intro. Cute."


  1. what great toys! they remind me of the kind i had as a child. thanks for the links- i'll have fun checking those out tonight. x

  2. can you play them? I agree they are very charming. Luke has an ET t-shirt we found at an op shop. do you remember seeing that movie as a kid?


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