Sunday, April 01, 2007

Love the old

I was sitting down at an eatery somewhere near Arab street with a coconut on the table, beating off the heat in the late noon and this view caught my eyes.

Old & New buildings, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

I like to see modern buildings in the background of traditional shophouses.

Serial #0005.
Birthdate: 1 April 2007

It's on a cushion cover which is completed this morning. Beepbot #0005 is on really soft cotton and the lining is a floral reused fabric. This cushion is going to a friend's home. (Hint: This friend was mentioned in my recent posts. *Wink*)

I've been on a Beepbotic frenzy, haven't I? Will try to make something else till the Bot fever subsides!


  1. cute little beepbot! Functional, too. she'll love it.
    that is a really neat picture of the buildings. Amazing to think about what that old building must have seen while sitting there ont he street for so many years...

  2. wow a robot pillow! nice juxtipostion


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