Sunday, April 29, 2007

journal cover

Recently Brian bought 2 books of blank pages from the shop Muji. He wanted to use them for journaling. Looking at the soft covers of the books I know it won't last long as the covers will not withstand the tumbling around in his bag. I offered to make a cover for one that he will use first.

I used the "eagle on rock" fabric and my favourite green big checks. Measured the height of the book and gave a few extra inches on the length so I could fold and whip-stitch each side in. The red bookmark ribbon frays easily hence I attached red checks over it and sewed the edges.

The word 'soar' was chain-stitched on the cover. I hope it's the state of mind he could attain whenever he picks up this book.

1 comment:

  1. so beautiful! i love that fabric, and the embroidery is really stylish, too.
    lucky brian...


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