Friday, April 27, 2007

It's all in the mind.

Good vs Evil

A playful shot of all Beepbots on cushions at war, I call it the Moral war. The intention is, of course, the Good will win considering the wee number of the other side. Unless, it's the battle of wits, the evil might win. Still more minds of the Good could be useful.

My last three cushions. I targeted to complete 10.

Serial #0014

Left: Evilbot (Serial #0015)
Right: Evilbot (Serial #0016)

This morning, like clockwork, I switched on my laptop and visited my regular blog-reads after breakfast. In Melissa's post, she mentioned one from Wish Jar Journal that hit me in my face quite literally.

I realised my disconnection with real life is quite severe and all symptoms described me to a big T. It puts me back to perspectives and made me think what sort of mindsets (or rather not) I should have when I return to Palembang. The things and areas I should work on to better the health of my mind and body. Lots.

For a start, I should give the laptop a clear and enjoy what a morning brings after breakfast.

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  1. oh I laughed so hard when I saw the photo you staged of the moral war. you are on imaginative person!

    yeah that wish jar post was a thought provoking reminder. I think I too need to make some changes



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