Saturday, April 21, 2007

I feel so pampered.

A craft book was given to me yesterday. It wasn't my birthday!

Who gave it to me?
"Pomelo" thought of me! Generous (and intelligent too. Nope, not sucking up, I swear. In my honest opinion, she is really!) friend, she is.

I feel so flattered and spoilt. *big smile*

Here are some reasons why I'm sure the book will bring me many hours of joy.

It's written in Chinese (my first chinese craft book!) and there are wonderful patterns of toys to follow. Who would have thought of making toy zebra and bear out of socks? I wouldn't. Sock monkeys are still stuck in my head.

The author shares snippets of her life in her book. She declared herself as a coffee lover and her partner hence labeled her a coffee bug.

I haven't read on from there but I couldn't resist looking through the photos of the handmade softtoys in the book. I'll like to share some pages here..

A Fox that seems to step out of Quentin Blake's illustrations.

A button for a snout.

Some cute ideas on clothes making. Using a baby mitten to make an overall for a tiny bear.
I've decided. Toy animals need clothing too.

Thank you so so much, You~zi aka "Pomelo"! *big big smile*


  1. Oh, how cute (the mitten idea)! And I love the pig. What a nice gift. :)

  2. hehe so sweet. thank you for sharing the pictures! those last two little bears made me laugh out loud!
    and i think you deserve that book- you're a sweet one.
    M x


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