Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Go-Green." - Beepbots

Lounging, originally uploaded by leow_fiona.

These are Beepbots with a message. Each has a flower theme fabric for its body. They are on cushion covers covering brand new clean cushions and each cushion cover has a green colour reused fabric for lining and really soft cotton for the front.

The sad thing is they can't go to good homes yet. Why? The fifi labels are all in Palembang. So these Bots in the meantime will lounge around in air tight containers for good safekeeping until they are officially tagged.

This one reminds me of our yellow spongy idol.

#0007 always pull at my heartstrings whenever I see it. What's a Bot with a hibiscus flower for an antenna?

Check out my new buy(s) today!

These gave me the joo joos and jaggedy jays. I nearly did a hands in the air dance in the shop only to save Brian from some embarrassingly embarrassment.

We've been on a "vintage hunt" lately. Staying clear of the regular shopping malls, we chose to visit thrift stores and hit Sungei Road a few times. I have two new (old) buys from a shop, a nice discovery sometime ago. I'll show them tomorrow.


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